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Hydrafinil (9-FLUORENOL)
Product Name:
Hydrafinil (9-FLUORENOL)
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Product Description:

Product Name: 9-FLUORENOL
Synonyms: TIMTEC-BB SBB007717;9h-fluoren-9-ol;DIPHENYLENE CARBINOL;9-HYDROXY-FLUOREN;9-HYDROXYFLUORENE;9-FLUORENOL;Hydroxyfluoren;fluoren-9-ol
CAS: 1689-64-1
MF: C13H10O
MW: 182.22
EINECS: 216-879-0

What is Hydrafinil (fluorenol, 9-fluorenol)?


According to Wikipedia:Fluorenol is an alcohol derivative of fluorene. In the most significant isomer, fluoren-9-ol or 9-hydroxyfluorene, the hydroxy group is located on the bridging carbon between the two benzene rings. Hydroxyfluorene can be converted to fluorenone by oxidation. It is a white-cream colored solid at room temperature.


Fluorenol is an alcohol derivative of fluorene and is being clasisfied as a eugeroic compound, promoting wakefulness. The company Cephalon investigated Fluorenol in comparison to the popular eugeroic drug modafinil. In their comparison research with rodents, they noted that Fluorenol was significantly more effective than modafinil (up to 39%). Although it has dopamine reuptake properties, they tend to be pretty weak.

Benefits of taking 

Hydrafinil (fluorenol, 9-fluorenol) 




9-Fluorenol is also known as hydrafinil and is the next generation of cognitive stimulants shown to be 39% more effective than modafinil in maintaining alertness. It is 140% as efficacious as modafinil at wakefulness promotion and does not have the same interactions as modafinil. It also does not last as long, making it easier to dose more effectively, without having to wait out 12 hours of effects


> Hydrafinil (fluorenol, 9-fluorenol) not addictive


Fluorenol belongs to a class of drugs known as Eugeroics. These are stimulants that produce long lasting mental arousal leading to wakefulness. The idea behind the production of these drugs is to enhance alertness without necessarily eliciting the peripheral body effects or better yet the abuse/tolerance/ addiction of the customary stimulants. And Fluorenol is no different.


Hydrafinil’s stimulation of dopamine pathways is far less substantial than modafinil’s which means that it is less likely to be addictive.


>Hydrafinil (fluorenol, 9-fluorenol) not carcinogenic and toxic to humans


This drug is an alcohol derivative of fluorine. Its hydroxyl group is placed between its two benzene rings on the bridging carbon. Oxidation process can be used to convert the hydroxyfluorene to fluorenone. This compound is not carcinogenic neither is it toxic to humans. Thus, a study was carried out by Chemists working for Cephalon (a bio-pharmaceutical company), ostensibly to come up with a drug that would succeed Modafinil, the anti-narcolepsy drug.


It also does not last as long, making it easier to dose more effectively, without having to wait out 12 hours of effects. It has slightly lower DAT affinities but had higher eugeroic actions. It is more potent than modafinil with 50-100mg corresponding to 100-200mg for modafinil. It shows no toxicity and no liver interactions.

Side effects and safety of 

Hydrafinil (fluorenol, 9-fluorenol)

Hydrafinil (fluorenol, 9-fluorenol) not yet been reported that he has serious side effects.


Just to be safe, not recommend it if you have a family history of liver issues.

Dosage of 


Hydrafinil (fluorenol, 9-fluorenol)



The dose range is usually 50mg to 150mg.