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Synonyms: CITICOLINE;CYTIDINE 5'-DIPHOSPHOCHOLINE;CYTIDINE DIPHOSPHATE CHOLINE;CDP-CHOLINE;cdp-cholin;cdp-colina;cereb;choline,hydroxide,5’-esterwithcytidine5’-(trihydrogenpyrophosphate),inne
CAS: 987-78-0
MF: C14H26N4O11P2
MW: 488.32
EINECS: 213-580-7

Citicoline is an intermediate between phosphatidylcholine and choline. It is transformed into choline in the intestines and then turned back into Citicoline when it crosses the blood-brain-barrier. This transformation is done via the phosphatidylcholine rate limiting enzyme.

The brain uses choline as a first choice to synthesize Acetylcholine. It can also break down phospholipids like phosphatidylcholine as a second choice for acetylcholine synthesis. Acetylcholine is the desired nootropic neurotransmitter and low levels have been linked to cognitive problems. CDP Choline increases the amount of Acetylcholine by freeing up the amount of choline to be synthesized. It also helps restore levels of phospholipids that become depleted overtime. Depleted levels of phospholipids can lead to cognitive decline.

This preservation of phospholipids has also been said to contribute to Citicoline’s neuroprotective effects. Restoration of many important phospholipids can help protect the brain from damages and oxidative stresses. Citicoline also reduces inflammatory responses in the brain which may reduce blood barrier breakdown and trigger oxidative stress and brain damages.


CDP Choline encourages dopamine release through tyrosine hydroxylase activity. Citicoline is a dopamine agonist and contributes to overall levels of dopamine by inhibiting dopamine reuptake. It has been studied in a combination therapy with L-DOPA medication in Parkinson’s patients. The combination of Citicoline and L-DOPA increases the positive results in Parkinson’s patients.


Citicoline has effects on hormone levels. It has been shown to raise Adrenocorticotropic hormonewithout raising the amount of stress hormones. These effects allow for a raise is HPA axis hormones without the excess stimulation of stress hormones. HPA axis hormones include anabolic and signalizing hormones like Growth Hormone or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. These hormones have an obvious health benefit to both males and females.


Citicoline has been seen to be very well tolerated in most individuals. It has a low level of toxicity because it breaks down into a natural compound within the body. Liver toxicity seems to be nil. CDP Choline can cause gastrointestinal problems in some people. This will relate to stomach problems and diarrhea but these side effects are rare and non-life threatening.

CDP Choline may cause mild side effects when combined with racetams. These effects are much less common than with other choline sources however they can occur. Citicoline will usually not cause headaches on its own but when combined with another supplement these chances may increase.


Choosing an Acetylcholine booster to go with your racetam stack is recommended. The effects of an Acetylcholine booster when combined with a racetam may be amplified. Citicoline and Alpha GPC both are superior to choline salts like Choline Bitatrate. Choline Bitatrate will also help potentiate the effects of racetams but is unlikely to achieve nootropic results when taken alone.

The method of action of Alpha GPC and Citicoline are completely different but both will lead to similar results. Both supplements will contribute to overall mental performance. The dosages and prices of both are very similar. Nootropic effects of both supplements are also very similar. Neuroprotection and vasodilation is seen in both supplements. Alpha GPC and Citicoline both seem to increase overall Growth Hormone levels slightly. In the end, which of these Acetylcholine sources you choose will come down to personal preference.


CDP Choline is best stacked with racetams. The reason for this is the effects it has on Acetylcholine production. Since racetams create a higher demand for Acetycholine, it will help potentiate the effects and possibly reduce side effects incurred by Acetylcholine deficiency. CDP Choline can be seen to be effective on its own but the combination will increase its overall nootropic benefits. It is also less likely than choline salts to lead to headaches and should be one of your first choices in your stack.