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Epicatechin (EC) 90% 95% 98% HPLC
Product Name:
Epicatechin (EC) 90% 95% 98% HPLC
No. :

Product Description:

Product Name:Epicatechin (EC)
CAS NO.:490-46-0
Appearance:White Powder
Molecular formulas:C15H14O6
Molecular weight:290.27

What is Epicatechin?

Epicatechin, the natural flavonol from tea that does most of the heavy lifting in the research. Epicatechin is more formally known as (-)-epicatechin, pronounced “minus epicatechin”. It was isolated from green tea by Michiyo Tsujimura in 1929. Tea isn’t the only source of epicatechin, it’s just the most popular and easily obtained. You can also get it from in cocoa, Chinese Hawthorn Berry, Grapes, Blackberries, Red wine etc.

Tea leaves extract and several other foods have been found to have a number of bioactive compounds, also known as flavonols, which have a unique ability to improve both health and performance. Epicatechine provides benefits such as:

Increased blood flow and nitric oxide levels,
Better insulin sensitivity,
Lower cholesterol levels (due to antioxidant activity),
Improved blood pressure,
More elastic skin,
Muscular Endurance.

How does epicatechin work?
Myostatin inhibition - the secret to amazing muscle gain
Those of you old enough to live through the 90's era of bodybuilding will remember when myostatin first came to prominence after photographs of some seriously jacked cows were published showing a level of muscularity that was simply shocking.

Myostatin is a type of protein called a myokine, which limits the level of muscle growth. Animals lacking myostatin, either due to a defective gene or because they’ve been treated with compounds that inhibit production, show huge increases in muscularity. In other words, the brakes on muscle growth are removed by the inhibition or absence of myostatin.

Ever since myostatin became famous within the bodybuilding community it has been considered the holy grail of muscle building, with rumours circulating that certain IFBB bodybuilders share a gene defect with these cows (or else have unearthed a drug to inhibit their own myostatin levels).
Epicatechin is primary known for its ability to enhance muscle growth and strength, but also combat muscle loss, catabolize fat and provide high levels of anti-oxidants, making it the go-to product for a wide range of health benefits.
1. Muscle builder / fat oxidizer, myostatin inhibitor, bodybuiding and fitness
2. Provides general cardiovascular benefits
3. Enhances fatigue resistance and oxidative capacity
4. Vitamin' Health Benefits
5. Improve spatial memory & cognition
6. Similar effect of “insulin”

Epicatechin and follistatin

A study conducted on males of an average age of 40 showed that approximately 170mg of epicatechin per day, dosed at 2mg per kg of bodyweight, resulted in almost a 50% increase in follistatin and a 16.6% decrease in myostatin, alongside a strength increase of 7%. In a second study, researchers provided participants with 50-200mg of epicatechin a day and were amazed to find that their follistatin levels were 250% higher after just 5 days!

Epicatechin and endurance

In a study performed on mice, dosing epicatechin at 1mg/kg of bodyweight resulted in increases in nitric oxide and endurance that persisted even in the absence of exercise. In other words, epicatechin supplementation offers bodybuilders the potential for better muscle pumps and endurance even when they are not training.


This is a particular boon for endurance athletes, not to mention those seeking to preserve their fitness levels during a period when they cannot train.

Epicatechin and health

A Harvard University study from 2007 shows that epicatechin appears to lower the risk of lethal events linked with four common diseases - diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular disease and cancer - by approximately 10%. A different study conducted by the Salk Institute showed that epicatechin not only improved blood but also seemed to enhance memory, with exercise having a further amplifying effect.

Epicatechin and body composition

The researchers concluded that it was likely to be the high epicatechin content of dark chocolate that helped improve participants’ body composition by promoting fat loss alongside concomitant muscle gain.